Ultimate Start Guide

Step 1

Already have an account?


Create an account


Type 4 secret numbers


Copy the secret words

Paste to finish account


Your MyCoinChain ID is ready to setup

Deposits | Interests | Withdraw | Exchange
Step 1

Click My Wallets

My Wallets

Select or create your wallet, copy your deposit address

or click for your QR code to scan


Sent? Your coins are now secure, ready to send anytime.

Get Interest

Your savings BTC Interest Deposit address and interest calculator is displayed on your accounts Get Interest page.

Get Interest
Step 1

Deposit to your Interest address
and watch your savings grow. (BTC balance over $200 USD)

Sneak peek: Daily you'll earn BTC with MyCoinChain.

See it to believe it,

You can use the Interest calculator before sending to see daily and quarterly profits!

Calculate your Profits
Step 1

Click Exchange

Step 2

Let's start,

Select exchange From and To currency.
You can select from over 100 coins, always available.

Logged in or not anonymity and security is guaranteed with encrypted sessions. Perfect!

Enter the amount you wish to send or receive.

For locked-in rate select 'MyCoinChain Wallet' and send instantly.
To exchange externally select 'external wallet': always exchange to a secure trusted wallet.
Click Start Exchange!

Step 3

Great! Your session deposit address will be displayed as a QR code and address under 'Send to Address'.
Send the exact amount shown to this one-time address.

Sent? You'll see the exchange begin and within a jiffy your new coins will be sent.
Exchanges to MyCoinChain wallet, the
new coins are ready in your wallet!

Easy right? Start your exchange!
Step 1

Set your base currency on home page

Step 2

Verify account to increase deposits daily

Lock your account to secure funds with 2FA

One Step

Click withdraw on your wallet, enter address and send any currency