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A secure session code can access your exchange or mix to view progress and to keep track of your cryptocurrency. With dozens of currencies always available, start your encrypted exchange now: begin exchange & mix.
Invested in keeping you safe. Your wallet is encrypted and only accessible by you. Stored offline, your funds backed up and you hold the keys. Lock your account after each use to keep your wallets even more safe, only you know the login.
Our platform is large enough to allow every exchange possible with almost zero fees, always free deposits and easy sending to any wallet. The entire exchange should take less than 30 minutes to process, from receiving and sending your fresh crypto.
Earn interest daily with your BTC savings. Deposit to your Bitcoin Interest wallet and earn 6.66% annualized, with short-term 90 day savings account. Watch your Bitcoin grow - payout - or compound for up to 25% APY return!
Click exchange, select cryptos to swap and enter the amount. Confirm and your one-time secure deposit address is displayed, deposit within 12 hours - and watch your fresh crypto arrive shortly (or close the tab no problem) to your wallet. It's that easy.

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